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Prague (Praha) - one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, where every building is a work of architectural art. Thousands of tourists come here every year to see the sights and plunge into its unique atmosphere.

Famous historical sites in Prague:

- Old Town Square

- St. Vitus Cathedral

- The Charles Bridge

- Prague Astronomical Clock

- Prague Castle

The heart of the historical center of Prague district of Stare Mesto - Old Town Square - has been known since the 12th century. Once there was a bustling market, collect on its area a lot of artisans, merchants, craftsmen, merchants with goods from different countries. The area is surrounded by the architectural masterpieces of all eras and styles - from baroque to rococo, from the Renaissance to the Gothic, from classical to avant-garde - and from it radiate fabulous Prague streets, surviving almost intact.

St. Vitus Cathedral towering over Prague, located in the heart of Prague Castle, and deservedly considered an outstanding piece of architecture not only the Czech Republic but also the whole of Western Europe. This is not only a spiritual and artistic relic of the country, with the Church of St. Vitus are connected and important historical events of the Czech Republic - in its aisles (in a special part of the building) Czech buried archbishops and kings, here, since the Middle Ages, various Crown Jewels are kept.

Charles Bridge (Karlův most) - one of the most beautiful and romantic bridges in the world, soedinyaetMalu to the Old City.

Charles Bridge was created more than 50 years in the 15th century on the initiative of King Charles IV. This footbridge is a real open-air gallery width of 10 meters and a length of 516 meters. The bridge is decorated with 30 sculptures, the most famous of which is the statue of St. John of Nepomuk.

Prague Astronomical Clock watchmaker Nicholas not only beautiful, it is also one of the oldest and most precise astronomical clock ever existed in the world. These chimes on the facade of the town hall - one of the most famous sights of Prague. They show not only time but also the phase of the moon and the position of the stars.

Prague Castle, the walls of which the most important events of the country, is an ancient symbol of the Czech Republic and the embodiment of its history and traditions. Prague Castle is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List and the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest presidential residence and the largest castle in the world. The complex of palaces and temples covers an area of over 7 acres, so be prepared to see a lot here.